The following defines the warranty between Scenic View Landscaping and the Client.

Our plant warranty includes a one-time replacement of any perennial, shrub, or tree that completely dies within 1 year from the date of installation. Additionally, we only schedule 1 trip per property for replacements. When we complete a warranty replacement at your property, this fulfills all obligation of warranty coverage by SCENIC VIEW LANDSCAPING despite the chance that any additional plants would die after the scheduled replacement but prior to the end of the 1-year coverage period.

This warranty is valid only on estimates that include the specified verbiage confirming a one year warranty. 

How to make a warranty claim:

Email your replacement request to please include the following:

  • the subject line should read WARRANTY
  • list the name and quantity of each dead plant variety
  • pictures of the dead plants
  • your first and last name so we can verify with our records
  • phone number and other contact information
  • detailed description of how you watered this plant

* A warranty request will not be honored if there are clear signs of neglect or theft.

** A dead plant is one that shows no signs of life or new growth potential. Plants that show signs of stress but still have green or healthy growth are not considered dead and are therefore not covered by warranty replacement.

Frequently, plants go into shock in the first season and may look somewhat unhealthy. We have no control over this nor can we replace plants for this reason. We suggest you cut it back and fertilize it with a plant fertilizer to give it a second chance before asking us to replace it. 

With all plant installation, the first time Scenic View Landscaping replaces a plant under the warranty, the labor and materials are free of charge. We will only replace the plant one time. Replacement plants are not warrantied. 

Sod and Seed:

Scenic View Landscaping cannot warranty sod or any type of grass seed because it is up to the customer to water and maintain as instructed. We have no control over the changes in climate or weather which could prevent sod or seed from thriving. Sod is the suggested route to achieving a new lawn. We also have no control of rain washing away seeds that were applied to lawn. This is very common and is another reason sod is the preferred way of achieving a new lawn. 

Landscape Lighting:

Scenic View Landscaping covers all landscape lighting components and labor for one full year from installation except for damage or neglect. We can not be responsible for any power failure from the house to the transformer or responsible for any related items from electrical outlet.


Scenic View Landscaping covers all drainage system components for one full year from installation. Client is responsible for cleaning the catch basin, and ensuring it is free from dirt and debris. It is very common for a drainage system to fail because entry or exit point has debris blocking it. It is up to the client to periodically check and inspect these points as we cannot be liable for such drainage systems failures. Exterior French drains are excluded from any warranty due to the nature of the clay soil in NJ. Scenic View Landscaping only takes care of surface area water and water problems from rain and takes no responsibility if water enters the house from sub floors below the level of the soil or any other areas. 


Scenic View Landscaping covers all pavers, hardscape and masonry for 18 months from installation. There is no warranty on any concrete surface because concrete will eventually crack. Any color or manufacture warranties will not be the responsibility of Scenic View Landscaping. Scenic View also has no control over efflorescence which is very common in all concrete products. 

Retaining Walls:

Scenic View Landscaping covers all retaining wall installations for 18 months. 

Exclusions and Limitations:

  • Damage caused by the Client or agent of the Client. (e.g. Plants, shrubs, trees or flowers that have not been given proper care, including over/under watering and/or improper application of pesticides or fertilizer.)
  • Losses due to acts of God including, but not limited to, storms, earthquakes, hurricanes, frost, flood, extreme temperatures or wind.
  • Losses due to theft, vandalism, animals, insects or pests.
  • Products installed or purchased separately by the homeowner.
  • Mechanical products and lighting components under manufacturer warranty.


It is the client’s responsibility to ensure adequate protection and maintenance of all installations, as defined herein.